Profitable Livestock


Animal husbandry is the sure foundation of profitable, permanent agriculture. Where many  animals are kept and their manure properly cared for and returned to the land, the soil becomes  richer and crop-production steadily increases. And the farmer grows rich with his land.  Further, the keeping of live stock distributes the farm labor and the farm income over the entire  year. This is true whether meat, milk or eggs are the money crops. And certainly both factors  are worthy of consideration from a straight business standpoint. With labor as valuable as it is  at present, lost time cuts into the profits. And when the income is regular, not concentrated in a  short period or dependent upon the success of a single crop, the matter of farm finance is much  simplified.  Consider the richest and most desirable agricultural sections of our great land. With very few  exceptions,  the  best  and  most  valuable  farms  are those  which  are  heavily  stocked with  domestic animals.  Here, too,  are  found  the  finest farm homes,  the  most prosperous  and  contented  farm families.  And  this  fact,  which  is  so  well established  that  it  requires  no  argument, plainly shows that  animal husbandry pays .

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